Blood Pressure


Increased cholesterol, urea in blood and hardening of arteries are disorders in itself that is called arteriosclerosis which causes hypertension. Patient feels headache, giddiness, breathlessness and heaviness on heart sight. In case of severe hypertension bleeding from nose may occur and cerebral hemorrhage may cause paralysis and it may prove fatal to the patient. So, it is necessary to monitor the blood pressure regularly and use proper medicine to control it and avoid the factors, which causes hypertension. In case of hypertension, Dawa-ush-shifa, Qurs Rahat, Jawarish Shahi and Mufarrah Barid may be given alongwith effective medication.


Hypotension is also called low blood pressure. Patient complains of darkness below the eyes, lethargy, loss of appetite and difficulty in proper breathing. In this disease, blood pressure generally comes down below normal and heart begins to work sub-normal and this disease may arise due to prolonged illness, general weakness, malnutrition, cardiac weakness and anaemias. New Shama Tonic, Ainergyle, Habbe Amber Momyaee, Arq Maullaham Do Atesha, Jawarish Jalinus, Dawa-ul- Misk Moatdil Jawahar Wali, Kushta Faulad and Kustha Tila may be given to the patient

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