Diseases of Blood Impurities


Due to unhygienic conditions of the body, carelessness in routinediet and local infection causes boils and scabies. Boils and papulesemerge over the skin, patient feels pain and itching in it. Whenscratches, pus or serous water comes out.

Moist parts of the body axilla and groin regions are very prone toscabies. Various scabies causing pathogens begin to grow in theseregions and causes scabies.

So, it is necessary for the patients to keep cleanliness and maintainhygienic condition of the body.


Uncleanliness of the body and dryness (dandruff) over the scalp’sarea causes pityriasis, which arises due to a microscopic pathogenfound in the scales of scalp dandruff. Light white colour patches startto appear over neck, back and shoulders and patient feels itching inthese patches. This disease may transfer from a diseased person to ahealthy one by using patient’s towel, comb, soap, and clothing etc.while on the other hand vitiligo is also a skin disease and in thispatient also complains of appearing white patches over the body butthis disease is not transferable as in pityriasis. Yet no exact aetiologyof vitiligo has come to knowledge.

A disorder in a pigment cells of the skin causes vitiligo andremittanceof this disease is very difficult.In adolescent age various necessary hormones start to secrete fromthe endocrinal glands of the body and the imbalance of thesehormones, increased heat in blood, excess use of fatty and heatproducing diets are responsible to cause acne.

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