Diseases of Brain & Nerves


Weakness in the brain, partially brain disease, alteration in the brainblood circulation or the additions of other diseases causing in otherparts of the body and the accumulation of catarrhal secretionaround the brain.


Blood does not circulate properly in some parts of the brain due tosome diseases resulting in the weakness of brain. It happens so onaccount of some sexual diseases also and due to malnutrition. Quiteoften, physical and nervous system diseases also lead to theweakness of brain.

Dryness in the centers of brain and its related nerves (related tosleep) also causes insomnia. Use of coffee, tea, tobacco and otherintoxicants, mental stress, anxiety, grief and sorrow lead to also. Owing to excessive fever, body lacks fluids resulting in acutethirst and palpitation, these complaints may effect kidneys, too.


Excessive Sun rays, heat and hot air act on human body duringsummer leading to rise in body temperature, high fever, headache,pain in hands & legs and cramps. Sometimes it creates drowsiness useful in epileptic fits, paralysis, facial paralysis, chorea and hysteria.

A disorder in a pigment cells of the skin causes vitiligo andremittanceof this disease is very difficult.In adolescent age various necessary hormones start to secrete fromthe endocrinal glands of the body and the imbalance of thesehormones, increased heat in blood, excess use of fatty and heatproducing diets are responsible to cause acne.


Patients get unconscious when the fits strike. Hands and legs getstrained along with sustaining injury to the tongue between theteeth. Mouth begins foaming. Obstruction emerges due to invasionof air or thick humour in the passage of nerves or ventricles of brain.Injury in any part of the brain causes clotting of blood and braintumour also causes epilepsy, which is of many types.Kids are easy victims of this disease due to brain injury, intestinalobstruction, hyperpyrexia, whooping cough, measles and otherbrain diseases. Occurs in those children more comparatively whofeed on other sources than mother's breast.


Quite often patient remains distressed, frustrated and hystericaldue to the serious deficiencies in the brain centers and nervoussystem and is subdued by state of insanity, excitement, resentmentand anxiety. The patient may carry through any untoward incident insuch state of frenzy


On account of Hemorrhage in brain or thrombosis in meningealarteries, meningeal blood circulation becomes obstructed resultingin loss of sensation or movement in left or right portion of the bodyconnected to the effected part of the brain and this condition iscalled paralysis.

Cooling object or air effects the neuralgic branches of the face and itbecomes deviated from normal face. The patient complains ofnumbness also and this state of face is called facial paralysis.

In the beginning patient feels fatigue and later on leads totrembling in hand which later on transfers to other hand also. It takesplace quite often among the old and weak persons and this state iscalled chorea

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