Diseases of Kidneys & Pancreas


The stones of kidney and urinary bladder are composed of (1) Uric Acid (2) Calcium oxalates (3) Phosphates, The stone of uric acid is brown and reddish in colour, stone of calcium oxalate is blackish in colour and stone of phosphates is light yellow in colour. These stones accumulate in kidney and use to stay in their place in kidney or after separation in ureter and form ureteric stone. Then travels to urinary bladder where it stays for some time. Its fragment passes through urethra for some time obstructs urethra leading to severe pain and bleeding.

Patient feels difficulty in urination and passes urine-containing calcium, blood and pus cells, and apart from this feels heaviness and pain at both renal areas. Patient feels severe colicy pain at the site of calculus and become irritable and often starts vomiting. Due to formation and excretion of stones, urinary tract infection (U.T.I) becomes a common trend. Urinary tract becomes inflamed leading to disorders of kidneys and urinary bladder.


In this disease patient passes excessive urine and specific gravity of urine increases. Patient feels increased thirst and hunger, abdomen becomes voluminous and tender which is called diabetic abdomen. Inheritance, obesity, excess use of sweet items, excess use of alcohol, excessive sexual intercourse, lack of exercise, excessive mental work and trauma at the site of pancreas are responsible for causing diabetes mellitus. Pancreas is a gland found in human body and islets of langerhans, which produce Insulin, are situated in its part whenever we used to eat sweet or starch enriched diet then these islets start to secrete insulin, which normalises the enhanced level of sugar in the blood. If the insulin secretion is lesser than the required quantity then oral hypoglycemic agent may prove successful and if there is absolute of Insulin producing islets due to removal by surgical procedure or if they have become completely damaged and insulin secretion is zeroed, then in this condition oral medication is of no value and insulin is the only helpful medicine. Diabetic patients are very prone to tuberculous infections, neuralgic complains of burning sensation while urinating. R.B.C. and pus cells are found in microscopic examination of the urine and the colour of urine becomes change


In case of gonorrhea or (U.T.I.) after the excretion of fragment of stone and due to the inflammation of urethra (urethritis) patient who feel mental and physical fotigue after the act.

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In this disease patient passes excessive urine and specific gravity of urine increases. Patient feel..

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