Diseases of The Chest


In this disease, small respiratory tubes exist in lungs. Bronchi getsinflamed due to allergies and they become spasmodic and narrow.Due to broncho-spasm, patient feels difficulty in breathing and dueto prolonged breathlessness (Asthma) patient may suffer from lackof oxygen (cyanosis) etc.

This is a hereditary disease, however it may occur due tocontact with dusty and smoky atmosphere, high fragrances, coldweather, tonsillitis, laryngitis. Cold and catarrh may also give rise tothis disease also.


Air passage in the lung (Bronchial tree) gets inflamed and irritated giving rise to cough, which is of two types- Dry cough and Productive cough. In dry cough expectoration does not take place while in productive cough expectoration takes place. Apart from this epidemic cough, cough due to catarrh, cough due to heat and cold (Allergic cough) are other types of cough in existence.


It is a contagious disease and easily infects on contact to a healthy person. Poor general health, malnutrition, family members suffering with tuberculosis and due to these causative factors tuberculosis makes its place in a healthy person. Apart from this a microorganism (Tubercle Bacillus) is a causative factor, which is found in the saliva and phlegm of the patient. Due to infiltration of this microorganism ulceration takes place in the lungs. Patient of this disease becomes febrile and complains of cough and night sweating. Patient gets weight loss, becomes anaemic and remains unhealthy. Now a days, this disease is spreading very rapidly which is not only limited to lungs but also found in other parts of body. For example bone tuberculosis, Intestinal tuberculosis, Glandular tuberculosis and tuberculosis of the Pelvis etc. Diabetes and AIDS patients are very prone to tuberculosis. Tuberculosis, spreading now-a-days, is not eradicating inspite of Anti tuberculosis multi drugs regimn, the reason for which is only not to take proper medication for a prescribed period regularly. This disease has emerged as a challenge for the whole world.

The following unani medicines may prove helpful with the routine Anti Tuberculosis treatment.

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