Diseases of The Ear


The glands in front of ear or in the back get swollen and become tender. It causes high fever. Neck and face look inflamed which divert to testicles while in case of girls it diverts to fallopian tubes and very owing to which the effected once are likely unable to conceive issues in future. In this respect, Itrifal Shahtra and Khoonseer are used orally while Roghan Surkh is applied locally.


Inflammation, boil, tympanic perforation and pus in the ear cause pain. Sometimes it occurs due to trauma on the ear. Boil in the middle ear and itching etc., pus in the internal part of the ear and damaging of ear membrane results in discharge from the ear. Owing to which internal ear bones may be damaged. It is important to keep ear neat, clean and dry


Due to brain weakness, impacted cerumen or prominence in the ear, blocking due to foreign body in the ear, results in deafness (It is necessary to sort out these problems before the initiation of treatment). Ears get tinnitus due to drugs toxic effects on earnerves. Anaemia and lack of blood circulations (sclerosis) in the membrane of ear also causes tinnitus herbs and it is extremely very useful in treating cold, coryza and cough etc.

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