Piles, Haemorrhoids And Fistula


Complication in chronic constipation or long standing dysentery causes piles, which is of two types:- Non bleeding piles and bleeding piles (Hemorrhoids). In Non bleeding piles patient feels pain but do not bleed while in bleeding piles blood comes after evacuation or mixed with stool. In fact piles is a part of inflamed blood vessels found in rectum. When these become more inflamed, prolapse from rectum and patient feels discomfort, pain and irritation in the rectum and anus.

Fistula is also a type of ulceration, which has its two openings one in the rectum and one out side the rectum. Opening in rectum receive fecal dirt which infect the fistula again and again. Very dirty and foul secretion often flows from fistula and due to pain in it, patient cannot sit or stand properly

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