Diseases of The Nose


There are generally two kinds of cold i.e. hot catarrh and cold catarrh in Unani system of medicine. However, according to the updated information the mucous membrane of nose and throat gets inflamed due to the bacterial impact and viral attack resulting in flowing of catarrhal secretion from nose or dropping in throat. The running of nose is called coryza while secretion flowing in throat is named as catarrh.

The children are caught by mild cold and cough with fever prior to measles, mumps and smallpox like viral diseases. Generally patient becomes lethargic having complaints of headache and body ache with fever. Nose becomes running and complains of cough with throat irritation.


The weaker people lacking calcium in their blood remain to suffer from chronic catarrh and intestinal worms. Those having cardiac and kidney diseases or dengue fever are very prone to epistaxis. Sometimes rise in blood pressure also leads to epistaxis.


The mucous membrane of mouth gets inflamed due to abdominal disorders, use of warm items, some medicines, beetle and gutkhas. Blisters emerge on the tongue, around it and on the gums. Consequently one is incapable to eat even slightly chilled, spicy and seasoned items of food. Saliva begins to flow from mouth abudantly. Advise to use medicines, which help to remove the heat of liver, intestines, stomach and produce blood (Haematinics) like: Jawarish Tabasheer, Jawarish Meda, Noshdaroo Sharbat Ward Mukarrar and Sharbat Faulad etc.

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