Diseases of The Teeth & Gums


Teeth remains unclean and dirty on account of not cleansing them daily resulting in the growth of bacterias in the roots of teeth. This process leads to mouth stench, weakning and shaking of teeth alongwith aching and also sensitive to cold or heat grinding of teeth enamel take place on the part of those people who eat beetles and gutkha in excess. Consequently, the nerves related part of the teeth comes nearer and soon they begins to ache. They also get sensitive to cold and hot water.

Bleeding Gums, Pyorrhoea & Bad Breath

Due to dirtiness or not cleaning the teeth properly and digestive disorders, it causes gums bleeding or foul secretion from the gums. Gums look red and inflamed. Foul odour comes from the mouth.


The mucous membrane of mouth gets inflamed due to abdominal disorders, use of warm items, some medicines, beetle and gutkhas. Blisters emerge on the tongue, around it and on the gums. Consequently one is incapable to eat even slightly chilled, spicy and seasoned items of food. Saliva begins to flow from mouth abudantly. Advise to use medicines, which help to remove the heat of liver, intestines, stomach and produce blood (Haematinics) like: Jawarish Tabasheer, Jawarish Meda, Noshdaroo Sharbat Ward Mukarrar and Sharbat Faulad etc

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