Diseases of The Females


Most often white or pale secretion comes out from vagina, which may be due to Endometritis, Vaginitis, syphilitic or Gonococcal infection or spread of local infection. This secretion sometimes bears foul smell.

Patient complains of general weakness, low backache, legs pain, cramps and pain in groin region. Sometimes complains of frequent urination.

In presence of leucorrhoea, it becomes very difficult to the patient to conceive properly.


Uterine inflammation, leucorrhoea for prolonged period, irregular mensus, fibroids, and malnutrition are the causes of uterine weakness.

Patient does not conceive and if the conceivement takes place then it is aborted prior to its maturity and the uterus remains smaller than its normal size.


Due to change in uterine structure, prior to the commencement of menopause, ulceration in uterus or application of intra uterine device may cause excessive bleeding in menstruation. Hypertension also causes the same problem.

Patient complains of body ache, pain in back and legs and lethargy.


Menstural blood flows less than normal with difficulty and pain, causing backache, groin pain, abdominal pain, pain in legs and sometimes mild fever also.

Thyroid disorders, obesity, fibroids in uterus and deviation of uterus also causes dysmenorrhoea. Unmarried girl who suffers from stress and depression and are malnutrited and anaemic also complains of dysmenorrhoea

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