Male Sexual Diseases


Brain diseases, Diabetes mellitus, cardiac diseases, excessive use of intoxicants, excessive masturbation, excessive sexual intercourse and use of various medicines lead sexual debility.

Patient complains of erectile dysfunction of his penis and loss of desire for inter course. This complaint may also occur due to old age. Asbi Khas:- It increases hemoglobin and removes general debility.


Indecent thoughts, habits to masturbation, indigestion, intestinal worms and low density of semen causes excessive nocturnal emission.

The patient dreams indecent scenario and semen begins to discharge involuntarily. Slight friction on penis or lying on stomach side and sexual discourse discharges semen owing to hypersensitivity. Patient feels lethargic and lazy.

If unmarried person complains of nocturnal emission once or twice a month, that should not be treated as disease.

Dripping semen before or after urination is known as spermatorrhoea. Pornographic thoughts, excessive masturbation, dyspepsia, constipation and enlarged prostate glands are the reasons.

Patient feels exhaustion and lethargic. He complains of pain in legs and back, short temperament forgetfulness and anorexia. Prolonged avoidance from cohabitation, accumulation of semen in the body, attenuated semen, excessive masterbation and hypersensitivity produces premature ejaculation.

Semen begins to flow due to having sexual discourses engulfing with in thoughts, and enjoying the company of girl friend or women or discharges before intercourse or during incomplete intercourse.

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