Veneral Disease (V.D.)


Male acquires syphilis from prostitutional ladies having sexual intercourse with them and when a healthy lady indulges in intercourse with a syphilitic person she also acquires syphilis. In the beginning a small blister ulcer emerges near coronary sulcus on the penis and syphilis causative matter (A microscopic pathogen) get enters into the blood stream.

Surroundings of lymphatic glands of the penis it becomes inflamed and patient remains febrile, skin becomes discoloured (blackish) and syphilitic ulcer becomes tender and irritative. If the disease is left untreated then it may encircle many other people and syphilis may run in inheritance to many generations.


A micro bacteria causes the disease of gonorrhoea. It affects the healthy woman having sexual intercourse with the effected man. Subsequently all healthy men having cohabitation with the effected woman will be caught by gonorrhoea.

In gonorrhoea pus discharges from urethra. Patient experiences burning micturation and frequent hurdles when he urinates. Surroundings of lymph glands becomes inflamed, patient feels exhausted and feverish.

If this disease is not treated, the urethra is caught by incurable defects and other secondary gonorrheal infections like urethral ulcers and urethral strictures may develop.

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